Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Dr Collins is experienced in the provision of a wide range of clinical services for Sport & Musculoskeletal conditions.  He has been utilising diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound, along with ultrasound guided injection treatments, within his clinical assessments for many years and is recognised both locally and nationally for his expertise in this discipline.

Unlike when you go for a diagnostic scan with a Radiologist or Sonographer, Dr Collins will take the time to first perform a thorough clinical assessment, since an accurate diagnosis is often obtained from blending the clinical findings with the ultrasound images.  His ability to combine all these skills into one appointment often reduces the need for further tests.


Ultrasound Guided Procedures

Dr Collins has years of experience in providing a wide range of ultrasound guided injections.  Many conditions can be managed through activity modifications and exercise-based rehabilitation, however there are some specific situations where a guided injection to a particular tissue has good evidence of benefit.  Dr Collins prides himself on using his specialist skills to help you obtain an accurate diagnosis and will always make recommendations on the merits of any procedure with a focus on the latest clinical research evidence & national guidelines.


Ultrasound guided procedures Dr Collins performs include:


– Joint & Soft Tissue Injections
– Shoulder Hydrodistension for Frozen Shoulder
– Rotator Cuff Calcium Deposit Needling and Washout
– High-Volume Injections for Knee & Ankle Tendon Disorders
– Pain Relieving Nerve Blocks