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Microblading (Semi-Permanent Makeup – Brows)

Microblading is used to create a look of fuller eyebrows, using specialised fine-bladed tattooing equipment for a precise, semi-permanent result.

If your natural eyebrows need to be filled out, or accented, or indeed an entirely new shape created this can be done using microblading techniques; including recreating where there are few eyebrow hairs remaining. Microblading can create realistic-looking eyebrows using fine strokes to imitate the look of real brows.

The results last 12-16 months, and two treatments are recommended to accomplish the optimum results. Treatment 1: Full consultation including detailed eyebrow design, selection of pigment to creation the perfect brow. Treatment 2: Four-to-six weeks later, retouching and perfecting the brows.


Eyebrow trimming and shaping

This will use scissors, thread and tweezer to trim and shape the brows. It could take 10 to 30min depending on the amount of brows and what shape is required by the customer.

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