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Mental Health Specialist Services

There is vast array of health professionals available, each with their own skills, knowledge, and competencies.  General medicine is a long-established discipline whereby the medical model underpins the approach to care, and the aim is for the body to be absent of disease.

The Father of Medicine, Hippocrates suggested that mental disorder was a result of physical abnormalities and before Psychiatry was recognised as a speciality, others suggested mental disorder was supernatural.

Psychiatric medicine adopts the bios-psycho-social model of care.  The speciality includes diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of mental disorders in addition to the associated behaviour and mood, which can vary when combined with physical health and other complexities.

Several interchangeable terms are often used within this area including mental illness, mental ill-health, mental disorder, and whilst all are relevant, these terms are often used to highlight the necessity to medically treat, under supervision by a qualified practitioner.

Mental health is a generic term used to describe our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and how we manage them to deal with different situations.

The mental health workforce has developed advanced specialist skills which are achieved by completing approved study programmes and monitored by professional bodies, to the same level of scrutiny as other health professionals, this ensuring safe clinical practice and guidelines are followed.

There are many aspects to delivering appropriate support for mental health, and specialist knowledge of how to develop a holistic care package that suits an individuals’ whilst being mindful of mental capacity is essential.

To achieve mental stability and improve well-being, a combination of specialist care and talking therapy (psychology) can often prove more effective.

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