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Yoga is a 5,000-year old form of exercise which originated in India, and takes a holistic approach to balancing mind and body whilst improving suppleness and strength of the body.

A series of postures are used to accomplish this, and to improve physical and mental wellbeing as well as balance and posture.

Emphasis is placed upon the breath, and bringing to awareness the movement of the body in the moment.

Our instructors offer Hatha and Vinyasa Styles of Yoga, and they are well-versed in understanding and offering adaptations of routines for clients with differing levels of ability, injury or other physical limitations.

The timetable for Yoga classes in the studio is here

Charlotte Ballard Barre / Yoga:

Mondays 6:30 pm & Tuesday 9:30 am – Barre Form
Tuesday & Friday 10:30 am – Yoga Relax
Thursday 6:30 pm – Gentle Flow

Practitioners who provide this service

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