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Access Consciousness

Access Consciousness empowers people to help themselves, using tools and techniques based on the belief consciousness is without judgment, and that self-limiting beliefs can be shifted.  Access aims to clear the energy underneath the words.  Two of these techniques are Access Bars® and Energetic “Facelift”™.


Access Consciousness: Access Bars®


Access Bars® is a complementary practise, with a holistic approach.  Also known as “The Bars”, this is a set of 32 points, all positioned on the head and scalp.  Their use is based on an energetic understanding theory of different points corresponding to different aspects of a person’s thoughts, emotions and attitudes.


The practitioner places the hands on the client’s head with a light touch, according to these principles, with the intention of both client and practitioner to work in the wider holistic model, to help them release the emotions and attitudes that are holding them back, and to embrace a mindset of abundance and possibilities and a shift in perspective.


Clients may seek this approach for a number of different reasons (alongside western medical treatment), and having your ‘Bars run’ (receiving a session) is relaxing and peaceful; akin to the after-effects of a great massage or walk in nature imparting a sense of ease.



Access Consciousness Energetic “Facelift” ™


Much of the way we perceive ourselves comes from within, and the judgements we make of our own face and body.  Judging ourselves harshly and critically can impact on our mental and physical wellbeing.  This energetic-based, complementary approach looks that the inner process to with the intention that the client can dissipate the energetic aspects of what they have judged about their face and appearance.


Gentle, soothing touch is used on the face and neck to within the complementary energetic model stimulate the local flow and energise the local area.

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