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Body Psychotherapy

Body psychotherapy,is a branch of therapy that emphasises the interconnection of the body and mind. It’s based on the principles of somatic psychology and was developed from the work of early pioneers like Pierre Janet, Sigmund Freud, and particularly Wilhelm Reich.

How It Works

Body psychotherapy operates on the belief that emotional and psychological experiences are not only processed by our thoughts but are also manifested in our physical form. The practice involves:

  • Awareness: Focusing on bodily sensations and movements to gain insights into emotional states.
  • Expression: Using movement and posture to express feelings that may be difficult to articulate verbally.
  • Release: Helping to release ‘body armour’, which is muscular tension that is believed to be associated with repressed emotions

Therapists may employ various techniques such as touch, breathing exercises, and movement to help individuals explore and release emotional blockages that manifest in the body.


Body psychotherapy can be beneficial for individuals who:

  • Experience Chronic Stress: It helps in recognizing and releasing physical tension related to stress.
  • Have Trauma: It supports the processing and integration of traumatic memories stored in the body.
  • Seek Emotional Growth: It aids in exploring and understanding emotional patterns through bodily experiences

It’s suitable for those interested in a holistic approach to therapy that acknowledges the profound connection between the physical and emotional aspects of being.

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