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Child and Adolescent Hypnotherapy

❇️ Hypnotherapy is suitable for children and young people, and Mark Leahy has experience of working with children as young as six years, as well as teenagers and young adults. Children tend to have great imaginations and are often easily able to visualise and take themselves to a world of make-believe and fantasy! This ability can be a great advantage in experiencing hypnosis and can be utilised to engage a child’s subconscious: invaluable in achieving goals.

❇️ Hypnosis is a naturally-occurring, altered state of awareness. Hypnosis itself is not a treatment, but it enables a mental state that can facilitate a variety of treatment strategies. Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy in which the use of hypnosis forms the core aspect of the treatment. A hypnotherapist is a trained professional who uses hypnosis to help a client address a condition or concern that affects their mental, emotional and physical health.

❇️ Hypnotherapy often uses guided relaxation to progressively relax the muscles and the mind and help achieve an altered state of awareness or consciousness (called hypnosis), during which the client is able to focus and concentrate more acutely than in usual day-to-day awareness. This altered state of awareness or consciousness is largely characterized by a state of suggestibility, showing an increased ability to produce desirable changes in motivation, habits, lifestyle, health, perception and behaviour as well as modifying physical sensation – often used in pain relief. Hypnotherapy is also used to treat depression, anxiety, stress, phobias, sleep disorders and many types of skin complaint.

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