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❇️ A hypnotherapist is a trained professional who uses a clinical form of hypnosis to help a client change habits or address a condition or concern that affects their mental and emotional wellbeing.

❇️ Hypnotherapy is a type of guided relaxation, during which you are able to focus and concentrate more acutely than in the normal mental state.  With the awareness being heightened, the hypnotherapist can guide you through steps using suggestion, which reinforce goal-orientated beliefs and behaviour, or change unwanted behaviours, such as smoking.

❇️ It is a safe form of treatment where the client remains in control, but in a more relaxed, yet focussed mental state.  Hypnosis is often used in depression, anxiety, stress, phobia and sleep disorder.

❇️ Hypnotherapy is the clinical application of hypnosis, which is why we also refer to Clinical Hypnotherapy.  Hypnotherapists may also use other techniques within their treatment, and where these are from the behavioural approach to psychology, you may also see the term Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

❇️  Different practitioners have different approaches, so we recommend following the links to their individual pages to find out more.

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