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Western Medical Herbalism is also known as Phytotherapy, and is a complementary or alternative medicine (CAM).

Medical herbalists use medicinal plants, whose traditional uses are supported by scientific research in order to address clients’ health issues. Medical herbalists also look at the lifestyle and diet of the patient, and take into account all areas of health including emotional and physical wellbeing.

Herbal medicine is a traditional form of treatment that has been practiced for years throughout the generations. It utilises medically beneficial constituents found in plants, applied with a firm understanding of both traditional and conventional treatment approaches.  This allows medical herbalists to blend holistic treatment with a sound knowledge of orthodox medicine, to help support the body’s own healing systems and practitioners may see patients with a variety of concerns.

The Herbalist goes through a detailed enquiry of the presenting complaint/condition followed by detailed analysis of each of the body systems and dietary analysis.  This provides a fuller picture of the client as a whole, and any areas that may need support in restoring overall wellness.

Where necessary, diagnostic examinations may also be carried out that will be similar to a client would experience at a GP practice.  This may include Blood Pressure, Weight, and Pulse Monitoring, or Abdominal, Musculoskeletal or Respiratory examinations.

Clients are treated as a whole person, rather than just the symptoms they have.  This means the aim of treatment will also seek to assist the body to heal itself from the underlying cause of any presenting conditions, creating stable foundations for ongoing health and wellbeing.

Medical herbalists understand no two people are the same, and so their treatment process is unlikely to be either.  Prescriptions are therefore uniquely tailored, and will be formulated based on the concerns discussed in your initial consultation.  This will be made and posted out to the client within a week after each appointment.

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