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Psychodynamic Counselling

❇️ Psychodynamic counselling is one of the main types of psychotherapy, helping clients to gain insight into their problems and gain the ability to cope with these. Psychodynamic refers to how unconscious processes can relate to a a person’s current behaviour, with a focus on bring these into self-awareness, with an understanding of how the past affects present behaviour.

❇️ Appointments are usually 50-minutes in duration, and ideally at the same time and day each week, giving a regular space for the client to talk, think over, and process the feelings they have about themselves and the people in their lives. Together with the therapist, the client looks at what is happening in their life at present, alongside past events; with the therapist helping to make the connections between the present and past themes which may affect the client’s current feelings and behaviours.

❇️ By looking at past conflicts and patterns, in the client’s emotions, beliefs and thoughts, the background of these in the unconscious mind can be explored, understood, processed and resolved.

❇️ The psychodynamic approach can benefit patients with depression, anxiety, eating disorders and addictions as well as other mental health issues.

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