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Psychosexual Therapy

❇️ Sex therapy, also known as psychosexual therapy, is a specialized form of talk therapy that caters to individuals and couples of any sexual orientation. It’s designed to address a range of sexual issues without involving physical touch within the therapy sessions. Instead, therapists may suggest exercises to be tried privately that could involve touch, aiming to enhance sexual satisfaction and resolve difficulties.

❇️ This therapeutic approach provides a confidential and non-judgemental space to explore intimate issues that are often too personal to discuss with friends or family. By examining both psychological and emotional factors, psychosexual therapy helps individuals and couples understand and overcome the barriers that affect their sexual well-being. The process involves a combination of dynamic relationship therapy and behaviourally focused techniques to address ongoing issues that cause distress in one’s sex life.

❇️ The goal of sex therapy is to improve physical intimacy and manage any sexual difficulties by exploring unconscious thoughts and feelings that may be contributing to these challenges. It supports clients in feeling more comfortable with sexual activity and achieving a more fulfilling sex life. Homework assignments are often part of the therapy, designed to be carried out in the privacy of the client’s home, which helps integrate the therapeutic work into real-life situations.

❇️  This therapy can be used where there are issues relating to mental health and earlier life experiences, such as PTSD, pain with intercourse, erectile dysfunction, relationship and sexuality.

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