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Health Screening

A wide range of health screening services from health & wellbeing checks to medical tests analysed at top laboratories in the UK and US.

Wellperson health screen:  This is helpful to check for early signs of common health conditions such as cardiovascular or respiratory disease, and diabetes.  It starts with a health questionnaire to establish past and present health issues, followed by a physical health screen.  This checks cholesterol and blood glucose; blood pressure; heart rate, rhythm and variability; arterial stiffness; by-products in urine; body mass index; height to waist and waist to hip ratios; peak flow and spirometry.  A detailed report with a plan of action on diet and lifestyle is provided afterwards.

Bio-energetic screen:  This is helpful for those with health issues which have not been helped by conventional medicine, such as fatigue, stress, digestive, hormone or immunity issues.  The bio-energetic device helps to identify imbalances within the body by evaluating the energy field, and giving useful clues as to what may be causing the imbalances.  A detailed report with a plan of action on diet and lifestyle is provided afterwards.

Pre-exercise health screen:  This is helpful for those who plan to start an exercise programme, to check if there are any potential risks to health before starting, and to monitor progress.  The screen establishes baseline health markers such as blood pressure, pulse, heart rate variability, body mass index, waist to height ratio and lung function.  A report with a plan of action is provided afterwards which can be integrated into a programme designed by a personal trainer.

Pre-conception health screen:  This is helpful for those who are preparing for pregnancy to check the health status of both partners.  This identifies potential health risks that may affect fertility or the health of a baby.  The screen includes the same tests as the wellperson screen and also includes a bio-energetic screen.  Additional laboratory tests may be indicated for those who have been struggling to conceive.  A detailed report with a plan of action on diet and lifestyle to improve fertility of both partners is provided afterwards.

Arrangement of laboratory tests:  for individuals through private laboratories based in the UK and US. This service is helpful for those looking for more detailed medical tests than currently available through the NHS.  Tests that can be arranged include thyroid, adrenal and sex hormone tests; toxins and nutrient levels; food intolerance and allergy tests; and digestive function tests.  Results are provided with recommendations on what to do next if the results are outside the normal ranges.

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