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Sport and Exercise & Musculoskeletal Medicine

MSK and Sport and Exercise Medicine is carried out by a Doctor who has undergone specialist training in this field.  Sometimes known as MSK medicine, this is a medical field concerned diagnosing and treating problems within the MSK system, which consists of the muscles and joints, tendons, ligaments and skeletal aspects of the body (bones), including the spine.

MSK issues are very common, accounting for up to 30% of GP consultations (Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine UK, 2021).  MSK issues can also include work-related issues such as relating to manual work or repetitive strain issues in the arm and hand.

Sport and Exercise doctors can see patients with a range of movement related issues, including sport and exercise related for anyone from an elite athlete to people who exercise for recreation, and Exercise Medicine also encompasses aspects of the use of exercise and physical activity in addressing and treating disease states and rehabilitating injuries, as well as preventative approaches.


Specialist Medical assessment and treatment of Sport injuries & Musculoskeletal Disorders: MSK and Sport and Exercise doctors use ultrasound to diagnose as well as treat MSK conditions, as well as carry out treatment interventions such as joint injections and ultrasound guided interventions such as:

  • Joint injection therapy
  • Ultrasound-guided joint injection therapy
  • Peripheral nerve blocks
  • Shoulder Hydrodistension for Frozen Shoulder
  • Tendon Calcium Barbotage
  • Tendon High Volume Vessel Disruption

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