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Ultrasound Guided Injections

Many conditions can be managed through activity modifications and exercise-based rehabilitation, however there are some specific situations where a guided injection to a particular tissue has good evidence of benefit.

Ultrasound can help guide the placement of a joint injection by visualising the bones and surrounding structures and avoid complications in the local area, particularly where there is difficult anatomy.

Overall ultrasound guided injections can help accurately deliver the medication to the area needed and increase accuracy, this is particularly useful in the complex joints of the knee, shoulder and hip, and may also be of benefit in overweight patients where it can facilitate visualising underlying structures.  In the hip, it is also useful where the structures which need to be accessed are deep-lying and near to other blood vessels and nerves.  The presence of fluid can also be seen on ultrasound, aiding the ability to visualise and address bursitis.

Ultrasound guided procedures include:

Joint & Soft Tissue Injections
Shoulder Hydrodistension for Frozen Shoulder
Rotator Cuff Calcium Deposit Needling and Washout
High-Volume Injections for Knee & Ankle Tendon Disorders
Pain Relieving Nerve Blocks

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