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Coronavirus Information

Patients can now be seen for certain types of care, by certain practitioners.  If you are seeking to start treatment, please contact the practitioner via the contact form on their individual page on this site – to find out what their current arrangements are.

Your practitioner will ring you before your appointment (usually on the day, or the day prior) to check that it is appropriate and safe to attend, and they may ask you to check your temperature, and about any possible symptoms of Coronavirus.

We are taking all precautions possible, and practical to help minimise the risk to visitors (practitioners and their clients) at Bedford Consulting Rooms.

In spite of this, minimising the risk is all our responsibilities, and we therefore ask you to follow the below as a minimum when attending.

√  Do not attend if you have had Coronavirus within the last 14 days, currently have symptoms, or are awaiting the outcome of a Coronavirus test or swab (this includes members of your household).

√  If you are in an at-risk or shielded group, please discuss with your practitioner before attending.

√  Attend by yourself, unless you require a carer or advocate – this should be discussed with your therapist beforehand.

√  Do not arrive early for your appointment, wait in your car, or outside, and ideally phone your therapist to let them know you are here, rather than use the door entry buzzer.

√  Use the bathroom before you come, as our toilets are closed for all but emergencies.

√  Bring a bottle of water with you, as we are unable to provide cups or access to the water machine.

√  Only bring essential items with you, and do not bring bags or shopping into the Consulting Rooms.

√  Wear a mask – this is a legal requirement onsite (unless you are exempt).  If you are exempt, tell your practitioner in advance so they can plan any additional arrangements needed

√  Wash your hands or use the alcohol gel provided on arrival and departure.

√  Respect social distancing at all times, except where permitted by treatment and for the permitted duration.

  Where payments are required, use contactless or arrange to pay digitally with your therapist.

For your own information: If you would like to read the relevant government guidance for yourself, depending on the type of treatment that is being provided, the guidelines are here: close contact working (e.g. massage, beauty therapy, physio), group exercise indoors (e.g. yoga, Pilates)).

Attending the Consulting Rooms is entirely at your own risk.

Thank you for helping us all keep safe.

All information correct as per government guidelines as at 12/04/2021