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❇️ Psychology at its root is the study of the human mind, an in particular how the functioning of it can affect behaviour. Psychologists can train in specific areas of psychology in order to specialise with particular groups for people, e.g. adults, children, or people with brain injury, for example.

❇️ Psychologists will also often have particular areas of interest and they may be able to help with issues from mood disorders (e.g. depression or bipolar disorder); anxiety disorders; eating disorders; personality disorders; psychotic disorders (e.g. schizophrenia) substance abuse disorders; trauma related disorders (e.g. PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder).

❇️ Psychologists are able to help clients address mental health issues using psychological therapies, which vary in their use for different types of condition.

We have pages about different types of therapy, and we also have pages for each practitioner which link to the types of psychological therapy they offer.  You could also try searching out site for the condition or symptoms you are suffering, as this will show a list of therapies and therapists whose pages include reference to these.

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