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Love Coaching – How to attract your most compatible Soulmate?  

By Claudia Prša

“How to attract your most compatible Soulmate? To master love means that you heal all of your corrupted definitions of love.

Inside of our hearts, we all have a calling to connect with someone to share our life with but do not know how to fulfil this desire in the highest and best way.

There are a few things that need to be mentioned as to why you might not have attracted your most compatible soulmate yet. With my clients, I could see that while manifesting was effective for some people. it didn’t work for everyone. Common patterns began to become apparent and I found that there were many negative beliefs relating to relationships and love. One of the most common beliefs was: “It is impossible for me to find a compatible partner”.

We all carry imprints of subconscious programming as well as our beliefs inside us. To be able to create your conscious wishes, you need to clear your subconscious blocks.  The majority of our decisions, actions, emotions, beliefs come from our subconscious mind which can make up 95% of our brain activity. Everything which we have stored in that part of our brain we are not even aware of.

Why is it important to clear your subconscious programming?

Through our past experiences, we might have learned to associate love with sacrifice, love with suffering, or love with losing the ones we love; and with all these painful connotations attached to the word and feelings of love, it is no wonder that on a subconscious level we are sabotaging meeting our soulmate.

Here are some common beliefs about love, do you resonate with any of those:

– Love is pain/sacrifice/betrayal

– It is impossible to have love and a career

– It is impossible to have love and money

– Marriage is a trap/prison

– I have to give up my freedom to be married/with my soulmate

– All the good men are taken

– Love is not meant for me

All those beliefs then run in the background of our minds and encourage us to avoid love so that we can stay safe.

The good news is that these are only stories we keep telling ourselves and are not true at all. We form most of our beliefs at a very young age. For example, a child who is being loved and cared for one moment and then told off and punished the next for doing something considered to be wrong. Our subconscious processes and records these experiences and creates beliefs such as ‘Love is dangerous’.

What could hold you back as well is that many of us are still energetically tied to past relationships which prevent us from moving forward today. Energetic divorce and cord-cutting are two powerful techniques that show the universe you are open and available to love today!

How can I clear my subconscious programming?

I use Theta Healing® to clear blocks to achieve what you really want in life, by applying a meditation technique to access your subconscious limiting beliefs, such as ‘love is pain’ and replace them with empowering beliefs such as ‘love is safe’. It is important that you clear out the negative and self-limiting beliefs and associations around love so that you can attract your highest, best and most compatible soulmate to you.

How do I work with clients?

Shine Your Brilliance

Together we can prepare a tailored customized program for you.

Yes, you can heal your love story. Are you ready to become the best version of yourself and feel worthy of love so that you can “Shine your Brilliance”? Then we can work together. You will learn how to fill your cup. Nourish and care for yourself. Learn to have healthy boundaries. How to honor and respect yourself. You are not a half soul, looking for a missing piece. You are already whole and complete. A soulmate just adds to what you already are.

“Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it” RUMI

Claudia is a Love and Soulmate Coach, Theta Healing® Practitioner; and Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner